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Fleming Quarter Horses


Rohn Fleming, born in Borger, Texas and raised in the Panhandle town of Dumas, Texas, was raised around horses and cattle.  After taking a few years off to play football at North Texas State, work on the oil rigs, and travel around the world for a bit, Rohn settled in Colorado, where he met and married his wife, Casey.

Rohn worked in the restaurant industry in Aspen in order to support their growing horse breeding and training operation in Missouri Heights.  His interest in the Skipper W line came as a result of years of working cattle and trail riding in the Colorado high country, where he found the Skipper W horses had great temperaments, stamina and athleticism.   SS Skippa Cord (“Gus”) has proved to be a “gentleman”  stallion and has passed on his even temperament and his outstanding confirmation, not to mention a lot of chrome, to his offspring.

Rohn has taken clinics from Buck Brannaman and appreciates his “natural horsemanship” approach to training.